Make better business decisions with a detailed picture of what drives consumers into stores

Features & Benefits


We partner with Cuebiq, a third-party measurement company, to measure ad performance with reports on incremental visits, distance from home to the store, dwell time, cost per incremental visit, and more.


foot traffic metrics

Understand which days and times saw the highest traffic as a result of the campaign, as well as which ad channels were most effective.


Adjust future campaign strategy based on profiles of those who visit in response to your advertising.

foot traffic graphic

How Foot Traffic Studies Work

In partnership with Cuebiq, we go further to match test and control groups from devices in advertised markets.*
*Some limitations may apply. Campaign must meet feasibility requirements.

01 Create Test Groups

First establish a test group of individuals exposed to print and/or digital ads.

02 Select Matched Control Group

The Control Group is selected by Cuebiq, taking into account several device characteristics, including:  home & work location, number of distinct days device is seen, general activity level of device, total dwell time, proximity of home to closest POI, frequency of visits to brands in the same vertical, and Android vs. iOS.

03 Connect Mobile Devices with Visits

Cross-device technology connects ad viewers with the mobile devices that visit in-store.

04 Measure Incremental Visitors

Measure Uplift across those who viewed an ad and visited the store above Control visit rate trends to determine incremental impact