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  • Saves you up to 30% compared to other direct mail companies. 
  • Proprietary AI generates printing and postage efficiencies.
  • Our direct mail software empowers you to quickly mail faster and for less!

Features & Benefits

Discount Zones

Postcard discounts zones deliver postcards to a targeted group of neighborhoods for up to 40% less than an Every Door Direct Mail or Saturation Mail campaign.

  • Our artificial intelligence scans and identifies areas where printing efficiencies and postage savings can be realized from our scale.
  • Targeting, printing, postage, design and mailing for 19 Cents per postcards.
  • Target specific neighborhoods based on demographic data.
  • We monitor return of investment with call tracking, landing pages and reporting so that you know your postcards campaigns generate ROI.
Targeted Direct Mail

Reach your ideal customer with targeted direct mail.

Our Targeted Direct Mail builders lets you build your new customer list with options like location, age, income, marital status, home ownership, and more.

  • Target by location, demographics, or specialized data
  • Save money on printing, labor, and postage
  • Increase profit by focusing on the best potential customers
Every Door Direct Mail®

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) lets you advertise to your community for less! There are no mailing lists and no permit or addressing requirements – your direct mail gets delivered along your chosen postal carrier routes. At the lowest postage rates, Every Door Direct Mail is the premier way to increase local business profits!

  • You control the drop-date
  • No need for a mailing list, so you can mail a larger card for less
  • No mailing permit required and postage is as low at 18.3 cents per piece
  • Fast, effective and easy

Direct Mail doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or confusing. Our team is dedicated to making it easy for you to design, print, mail, and get more customers.

Try the Free EDDM Map Tool

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Printing and Creative Services

The Growmail team can guide your direct mail campaign entirely from end to end or help you at various points along the way.

Your postcards are printed on high-quality stock in full-color and double-sided at one of our two state-of-the-art production facilities.

We also have a full team of in-house award-winning graphic design experts that can help your business with branding and logo design, graphic design and even your website.

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Direct Mail Manager

Send fully variable postcards in 24 hours or less.

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How Direct Mail Manager Works

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1. Add Your Mail List

Import targeted mailing lists using easy to use software, prebuilt integrations, or our robust and well documented APIs

2. Add Your Artwork

 Upload your artwork using static images or fully variable HTML.

3. Launch Your Campaign

Schedule the campaign in advance or send the campaign in 24 hours or less.

4. Track and Monitor Campaign Progress

Monitor and track the progress of your current campaigns, so you can refine going forward.

  • Automate targeted on-demand postcards and letters at-scale and get them in the mail stream within 24 hours.
  • Direct Mail Manager transforms direct mail for the digital age.
  • Automation, HTML templates and real-time tracking make sending postcards and letters as easy as sending email – and more impactful!
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Features & Benefits


Direct Mail Manager is software that, with the push of a button, steps you through designing and sending postcards and letters, launching campaigns and measuring results using your existing customer data directly from your current CRM system or other marketing software.

Direct Mail Manager includes these time-saving features:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Push-button artwork preflighting
  • One-to-one personalization with variable data postcards
  • Real-time address verification
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Direct Mail Manager integrates out-of-the-box with some of the most popular CRM and marketing software tools on the market. This integration ramps up the value of your existing tools by enabling enhanced visibility and accessibility to the data and systems that drive your business.

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Automate, streamline and increase efficiency with the industry-leading direct mail API that empowers your in-house development team to incorporate powerful direct mail capabilities from Direct Mail Manager into your existing platforms.

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