Understand the impact your advertising has on driving sales at the register, down to the product level

Features & Benefits


Broadly and accurately measure the effect of digital marketing activity on in-store purchases across all ad formats.

sales impact metrics

Understand your responders’ profiles, including in-market and long-term interests, as well as demographics, neighborhoods, purchases, and more.

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Adjust advertising strategy to maximize ad spend across all channels and optimize digital campaigns in flight.

6% lift in Featured Items 8% Lift in Brand Halo Items

How It Works

Our Sales Impact Study precisely matches test and control store sales over the life of the campaign.*Some limitations may apply. Relies on client- and/or partner-provided data. Campaign must meet feasibility requirements.

01 Set Up Test and Control Stores

We carefully select and match exposed and control stores based on audience, geography, purchase history, and retailer preference of nearby consumers.

02 Monitor Each Group

Consumers around the exposed stores receive print and/or digital ads, and those around the control stores do not.

lift analysis

03 Measure Incremental Sales Lift

Incremental sales lift is determined by calculating the percent difference in exposed store sales compared to control store sales over the life of the campaign.

04 Gain Greater Insight

In addition to sales lift analysis, our location and neighborhood intelligence gives you purchaser profiles, such as demographics, card spend, interests, and point-of-sale insights.