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The Biggest Banking Challenges Your Customers Face

Vericast’s Lisa Nicholas and Stephenie Williams share the best ways banks and credit unions can market themselves to customers and prospects today.

Is it time for an image makeover for banks?
Is “Bank” a Bad Word?

It’s all about perception. The banking blip has given certain customers cause for concern. In a Business to Human podcast, Lisa Nicholas and Stephenie Williams discuss how banks can get ahead.

The Modern Marketing Toolkit & The “Data Problem”

Leigh Anne Bentley discusses “the data problem” and other marketing challenges she’s had to tackle as a CMO of a credit union.

Episode 14: Humanizing Connections: The Future of Finance

Listen as Lauren Tatro of Broadview Federal Credit Union talks about the status and future of financial brands.

Episode 12: A financial institution’s guide to reaching customers

Listen as Lisa Nicholas and Stephenie Williams of Vericast talk about how financial institutions can reach and keep customers in the current environment.

Four Questions for Getting the Most Out of Your Data

A strong customer engagement strategy starts with having the right data to provide answers to the right questions.

Anatomy of a Banking Customer
Anatomy of a Banking Customer

If financial institutions want to build loyal customers, they’ll have to embrace personalization. They must understand how different generations and segments approach banking. Read on to learn more.

Being Tech Focused Can Build Better Branches
5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Branches

How can you make your bank or credit union a top choice and ensure your branches don’t become obsolete? To future-proof your branches, they’ll first need to evolve. These five services offer a good place to start.

57% of bank marketers are experiencing difficulties making sense of customer data
Bank and Credit Union Marketers Agree: Data Is The Key To Acquisition and Increased Wallet Share

Many banks and credit unions have had to shift their marketing strategies do accomodate changes in the economy, To do so, they needed to rely on the power of data.